What To Do To Make Money While Doing Blogging


If you are interested in earning money while doing blogging then you have come at right place buddy.Blogging nowadays is a profitable niche and many people are moving towards it. But everyone can’t earn money from it. If you don’t have your right and straight forward aim while doing blogging then you will suffer a lot. Your main must be to provide unique information and guidance to your blog visitors along with earning money from it.

In this article, I’m going to cover how to do make money while doing blogging.So let’s start

Things You Need
There are many things you need before you start making money with blogging.Such as

A Blog

I think those who are reading this article must be having a blog. Ain’t you?

If you don’t have your own blog, I’ll cover this topic in my next article!

So don’t worry, I’ll do it as soon as possible.

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You must need to spent a lot of time doing hard work on quality and quantity of unique and worth reading posts on your blog If you are really concerned about earning money from your blog. You have to write unique articles for your blog or you can hire a writer who can do this for you. You have to do some hard work before starting earning money.

As ”No pain,no gain”.

As an Offline business takes a lot of time and energy the same goes for online business.

Let me tell you an important thing, there are only a few bloggers who are earning well from blogging niche but it doesn’t mean you can’t earn at all.

If you are already working hard on your blog and have established a good reputation of your blog then let me tell you ways by which you can earn money while doing blogging.

What to do to make money while doing blogging

What to do to make money while doing blogging

1- Google Adsense

These days to get Google AdSense account on website is a top priority of newbie bloggers. Google Adsense rates are pretty high and good than other networks.That’s why it is preferred plus If you are having audience from western countries then you can earn well from it. Isn’t good?

Sign Up for Google Adsense

2-Premium membership

Membership program are trending in the world of online people who work hard day and night to provide quality posts to audience!

You can start membership programs to those who willing to pay for it.

3-Coach your audience

Another way to earn money from your blog in an indirect way. isn’t it?

yeah sure it is…

Build your blog,build your reputation and start your own coaching classes and earn some extra bucks.This can be quite lucrative.

4-Speaking Gig expert

If you are well flourished in your niche you can turn your self into a speaking machine which is paid for sharing his knowledge and experience with others. For this purpose you can organize some paid events for your audience.

5- Affiliate Programs

If you are good at convincing others then you can earn a lot from affiliate products selling. There are many quality products you can sell to your audience and yeah they will say thanks to you for letting them know about it.

Example:- WordPress themes

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6- E-books selling

Now, you have built your reputation, you are earning pretty well and have good knowledge about your niche plus some secret techniques you would like to reveal to your audience. For this purpose, why not create an e-book and sell it.

Sure it’s a good way to earn money plus if you have read someone’s else book and it seems that it is pretty nice then start selling it to your audience and earn some extra money.

7- Private ads sale

You can sell ads place from your blogs directly to those who are interested in advertisement of their website or any specific product.

Example:- Buysellads also provide this opportunity or rest you can display space in your blog.

8-Amazon affiliate

The best thing about amazon affiliate marketing is that there are many good things to sell plus It is most popular shopping portal and your profit ranges from 10-50% on products you are selling.

9- Audio/Video Selling

You can sell those videos which can be beneficial for your audience e.g intros for them.

10-Plugins or Themes

You can earn pretty much from affiliate marketing of plugins and themes. Your profit ranges from 10-50% depends upon the type of themes you are promoting.

11- Selling Blogs

You have done a lot of work on your website.Now you have many blogs and can’t handle them.So, sell one of your blogs for 3,4 or 5 figures sum! 😉


I hope I’ve described everything I know and find easy to understand for my audience.

I recommend Google Adsense and affiliate marketing to my audience as they must try!



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