Role of user experience in SEO


What is User experience?

Let’s start this article by giving an answer to this question!

”User experience is all about the interaction of a user with the services and products of the company.”

If this question is asked to different people, you will get different answers as every person has its own thoughts and feelings about any question.

So, the above definition is the summary of all those answers.

Your website plays an important role in user experience and their behavior towards your products and services.If you are engaged with e-commerce business then this is how your customers interact with you.

User experience is all about your customers positive or negative attitude and behavior towards a particular product or page at your website. Ain’ it?

SEO Rules

Role of user experience in SEO

Now explain what is Seo?

I don’t think I need to explain this topic but let’s have a short talk about it.

Seo consists of two parts basically

On Page Optimization and Off Optimization

I’ll explain how to do proper on page and off optimization of your website in my next articles. So stay tuned with me!

What’s about On Page Optimization Role?

No one can ignore the importance of on-page SEO on their website.

Your keywords,images,meta tags,anchor texts are the foundation of your website and an important of your SEO strategy but still now its considered baseline for all type of Seo.

As the world’s population is increasing day by day the same way goes for users of internet. The on page SEO plays the role of a engine that drives the user experience.

User experience and your website design

Great user experience always starts with the design of your website. for example popular websites like Amazon change the design of their web site on regular basis. what they are doing is just to improve the user experience of their customers. Your website must be stylish,easy to navigate and attractive.

Always keep in mind that you are writing for your blog visitors’ not for robots and search engines.

So If your website doesn’t fulfill the needs of your customers then you will see an increase in bounces then conversions.

You can take help from your friends and ask them ‘what is their opinion for your website’?

Where to Focus User Experience or Seo?

You need to be in front of customers or visitors instead of robots and search engines?

Am I right?

So you have to interact with them in a way that works and promises you good results.

If u want to build user experience on your website you need to work on

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Keywords selection

You need to be careful about the keywords selection.

Content Strategy

Content is the king. If your content is good, user and SEO friendly then you are going rank in eyes of your visitors and search engines.

Farming Links

You need to be careful about creating links to your website. If your inbound links are spammy you are going to face Google penalty soon.

Social media interaction

The way you interacts on Social media plays a critical role in user experience.

Slow loading website

A Slow website is always hated by everyone. People don’t wait and skip the website.

Slow websites also have an impact in user experience as slow loading websites ruin the experience for your visitors or customers.

SEO has been more dependent on user experience. You can’t think of ranking with a bunch of pages and SEO strategies. Google knows all the tricks now so you can’t think of tricking him.

Let’s have more talk about this topic

Google vs Seo’s

It is always felt like there is a clash between SEO experts and Google as Google updates its algorithms. We have to follow the steps to stay a step ahead but Google isn’t interested in such debate.

Google’s care about Seo’s?

Hey! don’t think Google cares about Seo’s instead he doesn’t give a shit about this topic.

Google wants to stop spammy results from their search engines but for what? The ultimate thing is their revenue but they do care about the user experience.

But still it is more important for them to penalize those websites which cheat the Google.

For what Google cares?

It’s written clearly in Google webmaster Guidelines that

“Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience”

Or we can say this in easy words that

‘Google’s goal is to provide users with the best experience of Google.’

As Google’s success lies in satisfying the needs of their users. So they want to provide them a better experience.

So many ads on website; wait for penalty now

Google cares about its user experience and it doesn’t matter how much your content is good but if your website is having bulk of ads then its hard for a user to find the actual content and Google don’t like this.

The clear statement by Matt Cutts

”we’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience. Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away.”

Bad search experience

”Read more” tabs are abused with rich content keywords purely for Google instead of visitors and hides them so visitors will be not distracted.This is actually about the experience of user click before and after the click. Make it simple and don’t hide the content.

Panda algorithm update

Panda is know for penalizing those websites which contained the thin or duplicate content.

But this is not Google is trying to do so as by an statement from Matt Cutts

”the key is, you also have your experience of the sorts of sites that are going to be adding value for users versus not adding value for users. And we actually came up with a classifier to say, okay, IRS or Wikipedia or New York Times is over on this side, and the low-quality sites are over on this side. And you can really see mathematical reasons”

Mobile users

Google also gives an importance to the mobile users or you can say more than mobile users. Google puts mobile users first for better experience. Mobile friendly websites rank high than which are not.

Reduced rich snippets

To improve user experience Google has made various changes in rich snippets as

Authors photos disappeared from search

Video snippets changing

Review starts change

Google’s answer boxes

Whenever we search anything we see some answers above the top of website ranking at first place for that keyword. Google wants to improve the user experience but  things don’t help well.

Google are updating their algorithms for better user experienced.
”Its not the experience of your website Google cares about but their user search experience.”
In short I would suggest my blog readers to have a balance between SEO and UX when managing your websites either its e-commerce or personal blog.



  1. Tonmoy took time to come to your blog and I understood that you’ve started with basic posts and you may soon come with some lengthy 1500-2000 words posts.

    User experience definitely plays an important role.

    We all know that better loading speed of a website/blog can definitely be helpful in getting better search engine ranking.

    It is very important to have a good design for the blog as the bad design can turn off the mood of the readers.

    I hope that you’ll keep coming with new posts related to SEO, attracting readers to a blog and other related topics.

    • Hello Mohit,

      Thanks for made your first comment on blog. Yeah, I will start writing the lengthy articles. Honestly within 2-3 months I’ll just post the case study and then time every of my articles will be more then 2500-3000 Words. As well I’m not thinking to earn a piny from this blog, I started this blog only for sharing my knowledge and connected with others and help newbies !

      I agree with your points that Loading speed of a website/blog is really very much important and also it’s a part of On Page SEO factor and Google also give extra value which blogs/websites have good loading speed :)

      I’ll try my best for my loyal readers and my blog visitor’s. I’ll update y blog with a lot’s of contents day by day. Hope, you’ll love to visit my blog regularly

      Happy Blogging Have a Good Week End

    You write very well, very informative article.
    Keep on writing such amazing articles, I just love your blog.
    Thanks for Sharing again.

  3. Hi Tonmoy,

    Very Good post. All the information was very helpful and useful too. To get good experience in SEO there is lots of thing important. Many points are you also share like speed loading time, Mobile friendly and other factors too. I sure your post was very helpful for many people who want to make her experience better in SEO.

    Thanks for sharing this post and keep going.

  4. Hi Tonmoy,
    Great post indeed :)
    In today’s SEO, user experience matters a lot. If you have not a good UI then you can loss your visitors as well as loss in ranking.
    As you mentioned that if we put too many ads in our content, it irritate our readers which is not a good practice. So we need to focus on User experience, it will helps you your visitors as well as boosting your ranking.
    Have a great day :)


  5. Hi ,

    Your article shares incredible tips for every SEO learner. You are such a talent., you got positioned yourself in the field of blogging all because of your efforts and willingness to try for the best. I liked to ask you a question, Who was your motivational person? I think you will answer me. I visited your sites and it’s just strike me as how simple I’m in blogging

  6. Great write up buddy!
    These days, All search engines are trying to provide good user experience by launching updates and changing algorithms, etc.
    So, we can say that:
    SEO = User-experience optimization.
    Have a nice weekend :)
    ~ Ahmad

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