Play Safe With Links Else Forget Your Blog


Google seems to be concerned about their users search experience. So they manually update their algorithms because of then many websites get ranked and many get deindexed.

I don’t think you want your website to get deindexed.

So let’s start this article by getting a difference between bad and good links for your blog. You want to play safe you must know about them. Don’t you?

Play Safe With Links Else Forget Your Blog

Play Safe With Links Else Forget Your Blog

Difference between good and bad backlinks

All links seem good but are they?

This is a great question asked by many newbie bloggers. This link seems good but is this safe?

You can’t find it by just seeing you have to do proper investigation about it. I’ll tell you about this after clearing your confusions between good and bad backlinks.

 A website containing irrelevant and misleading links will make your website cheap in eyes of users and search engines. So be careful about it.

Inbound links from High DA sites then low DA websites

Obviously getting links from high DA sites are better than low DA websites.

Same niche links

Yeah relevant links from same niche are better than those which are misleading and irrelevant.

Examples for understanding better what I mean and you should understand

Good links like God you should get or make

Links from High DA websites

Links from websites having good Alexa ranking

Links from websites having good Pr(Is this really works? I think so)

Links from websites having good profile link

Links from same niche websites

Links from websites ranking on keywords you want to rank.

Links you should avoid which prove like Punishment for your long-term blog

Links from directories with spinner content

Links from low-quality content having websites

Too much use of links in your article

Broken links

Pure anchor text links

Unnatural links

Irrelevant links to your websites from different niche

             Other type of links you must know before creating

Directory links

Getting your links indexed from directories are a good way to rank and well-known strategy but used to be not now. Most directories with low-quality content and getting links from them will harm your website only. As a coin is two sides. There are some good directories also. Always use good quality and hand-written SEO and user-friendly content for getting links.

Too many links

There is no limit for creating links to your website but which type of links?

Never stuff your articles with too many links it will have a negative impression and negative review from your visitor.

Same word links

Don’t create same type of links again and again with same keywords if you are really concerned abut your website.

Do follow and no follow links

I think you already know about them well. It’s a daily part of your life now to face such links daily. Isn’ it?

Dofollow Links

Dofollow links let you spread juice from your website to others and crawl them properly.

Nofollow links

Having a ratio between do follow and no follow links is good for getting ranked you website. Google doesn’t like too much do follow backlinks instead it considers them as spam. Event bloggers know it well what I’m saying.

Reciprocal links

These type of links used to be good for getting good reputation before 2012 but not now.

They won’t hurt you but don’t help you either. Reciprocal links mean getting links from others website and linking them back from your website.

So how should you analyze links linking to tour website?

Or How to remove bad links?

Or How can you identify between good and bad backlinks?

So here are your answers! :)

Root domains links

Collect root domains linking to your website and combine data collecting with the help of tools like

Majestic Seo , Openlink profiler etc….

Same links from same websites must be removed.

404 links must be removed.

Deindexed domains

Check links linking to your website are from indexed domains or deindexed.

If they are deindexed remove them as soon as possible.

Low DA links

You must avoid low-quality DA links for your website.

Irrelevant Niche links

You shouldn’t have links from casino website or giving them links when you are blogging about SEO or Technology.


Hope this article proves to be useful for you. Now you know which type of links are good and bad.

So, you can play safe and don’t need to forget your blog.



  1. Hi Tonmoy!
    Its a pleasure to read yet another post from your blog.
    And the ratio funda you said really touched by soul.
    I never knew about the ratio ranking signal. I guess this must have been in the 200 ranking signals.
    Have a nice day
    God bless and Keep rocking. Happy to be the first to read.

  2. Hi Tonmoy.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome information about different types link.
    Find a details guidelines about different links which will surely help to keep safe during link building.

  3. Hi Tonmay,

    Very useful article. I am working on creating good links for my site and i am sure your article is going to be very useful to me. I was not much aware about the aspects of good and bad links. I hope to keep away from such bad links which are just wastage of time. Thanks for this useful article.


    • Hello Amit,

      Thanks for made your comment. Yes it’s really important to build Good Links and avoid Bad Links and that’s i have mentioned here ..Hope, this will help you

  4. Hi Tonmoy,

    Nice article! It gives a brief idea about backlinks for any newbie. However, the creation of links is just a myth. They should be created naturally. If we could deliver the utmost quality in the content, there is no need to worry about creating links.

    Keep writing more. Have a good day!

    • Hello Sasidhar Kareti,

      Thanks for made your comment. Yes i agree with you :) If we have really great content then we don’t need to think about to make a lot’s of Back-links :)

      Happy Blogging. Have a Good Day !

  5. Hi Tonmoy,
    Oh My!
    Links! Links! Links! and Links!
    Links allover!
    Its really good to know a bit more about links!
    Indeed I never knew many of the things you explained in this post.
    I need to do a close check about these and to do follow link! LOL
    Yes, Do follow! No follow! and many more links! I need to do a
    thorough study on this. Nice to be here, I am here today via
    ABS’s Pinterest page.
    Thanks for sharing these info and about the good and bad things
    hidden underneath!!! LOL
    Have a good day
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip

    • Hello Philip,

      Thanks for your comment. And Good to hear that you come from ABS’s Pinterest Page :)
      Oh Yes, LINK, LINK, LINK ! This is really important. And that’s why i shared the avoid methods Caz, now you have the right methods to do :) If you just avoid these You’ll Rock on Google :) And I always share the negative things first, So my readers can avoid the negative things :) When you avoid the negative things, Now You’ve the right things to do :)

      I’ll keep sharing my own knowledge after doing all experiment. And Within few days, or weeks I’ll share the best “Backlinks Strategy” So, keep your eyes !

      Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week end

  6. Hi Tonmoy good article, one thing I would add is that it is important to not rely on any one strategy no matter how “good” it is. Diversity of links is natural and something Google wants to see.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hello Jon Haver,

      Thanks for your valuable comment And It’s really good to see you on my blog for first time. Yes, I agree with your point {Diversity of links is natural and something Google wants to see}

      Have a Good Week, Jon!

  7. Hello Tonmoy

    This is Very Useful Guideline For Play Safe Links else Such a Great Informative Post Good Work i lik your Work Keep it Up Thanks a lot For Sharing me Best info

    Have a nice day ahead

  8. Links from good alexa. LOL . do you think google takes alexa into count
    2nd No one will link to a site which use his KWs to rank . Do you think Facebook will Link Google + ??

    Sites Link to others sites because they let us know some extra information about that phrase .

    I dont think you will approve the commment . if you will , then beneficial for ur readers ..
    dont write fasle SEO things

    Gd lck

  9. Hi Tonmoy,

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. Now it’s party time because your blog domain authority is jump to 19.
    Anyway Moz also show that content is the king and your content is unbelievable.

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