Blogging Can Be Made Career


These days there is a rush towards blogging as many people want to earn money for many purposes such as to support their family. Some are doing blogging as a part time job but some as full-time blogger. There are many examples of such people in India like Imran Uddin the owner of AllTechBuzz and many other multinational blogs is now working as a full time blogger. Harsh Aggarwal I don’t think any Indian blogger is not aware of this name is impossible.

There comes a thought in mind of any part time blogger which compels him to think that should he quit his job and work as a full-time blogger instead of part time work?

Many bloggers are afraid to answer themselves about this question.They are scared about their future in blogging as career?

At the same time, Blogging as a career looks cool as you are your own boss.You can work,eat and rest at any time. No need to do any boring Job of 5-7.

There are many examples of young bloggers making a lot of money with blogging but risk about it can’t be ignored. What will happen If your blog traffic suddenly drops to zero as may be affected by any new Google update. Maybe you have bad luck and your blog gets hacked.

In this article, I’m going to cover many points about  ”Blogging can be made as career”?

Blogging Career

Blogging can be made career

”Should you stop blogging for the sake of your Job or you should do both together”?

Think twice before you leap

Before taking many pieces of advice from other persons;Ask yourself can you do this?

Do I’ve the skills and ability to do this? Can I see my future as a professional blogger?

Professional bloggers are successful in blogging these days because they want to do so and they are taking it seriously as business. They are passionate about their work and they love to share about any guidance or info related to their niche.

In this modern era, no business is safe from any kind of hazard or disaster either its online business or offline.

There are many points to consider like money,social background which will help you take any decision.

Let me tell you about main hurdles in your way of choosing the right decision.

Traditional behavior

In India, many people aren’t aware of blogging. in this category those people are included who don’t know about this or don’t take part in any online activities such as your parents.

In India, there is a tradition that you have to study to get a job and work hard for rest of your life to improve your present conditions. They consider job is everything. If you can agree your parents about blogging as a career then you are good to go. You have to show them real picture of the online world and business. Let them know about your blogging activities and tell them how you can be your own boss at home.Still many parent won’t agree on this. They will say you like this your friend is doing job as an engineer and you don’t want to do?

Your hard work pays you

If you are earning well from your blog as you are getting good traffic and your blog is being monetized with ads network such as Google Adsense then you should prefer online business to your job. Never consider affiliate networks income or event blogs income as stable they are just a gamble. Gambling is full of risks and losses.

Your future plans

You must have a clear picture about your business in your mind if you are going to leave your job. You must know how you are going to survive and earn well in near future. Think about your short term and long term plans and sketch a device about them.


I hope in this article I’ve cleared everything about how blogging can be made as a career.

I’ll suggest you to join a job in a big company to have an experience about a company daily work. How to interact with others and many things you will learn. I’ll suggest you to take your blogging seriously. Moreover, you can set up a small office at home and build you own team to work on your short-term and long-term plans.You must be passionate about your work and must have positive thinking about your blogging future.

Do read it twice and ask your questions in comment box.



  1. Hello Tonmoy !!!
    Blogging is become a Next Career option for Youngsters :) because they want complete freedom while working and blogging has ability to give a complete freedom while working !! And also if some one Take blogging as a profession then they have huge choices for works , they can start own startups and all which they can’t do if they join any Big company !! but there is a lot of hard work needed for getting famous and success as blogger so its not a east task to become a Professional Blogger :)

    • Hello Jaidayal,

      Yeah, Right. Blogging is become a Next Career option for youngsters. And I do agree with you that getting famous and success blogging need to do 0hard work. But form other works, Blogging is really Different and freedom. And I can think everyone can start his/her own blog at any age. AS well you know that i am only 16 but i love to do Blogging. And I am learning, sharing and earning :) And That’s why i love to do Blog !

    • Hello Azinze, Thanks for made your first comment on my blog. Yes, Blogging is not an easy way to get rich quick, But if you don’t give up and do the hardest work, you can get the best results faster then any others works.

  2. Nice topic tanmay.
    You’v pointed out many crucial points here.
    And yes blogging can be accepted as a profession.
    But many noobs are not sure about their future and they do not buy a domain and hosting in their start.
    This is just lack of confidence.
    I appreciate your efforts and writing
    Cheers, my first comment on your blog.
    I will be visiting your blog every time there is something new.
    Vashishtha kapoor

  3. Hi first i wnna to say thanks for this wonderful article. And Blogging can become your career, if you do hardword with honest and You have some basic knowledge of all thing which need for blogging. By the way article is great. Thanks again.
    Amit Kumar

  4. Gives great insights about what blogging is.

    A great article.

    Really forces me to think about blogging to make as a career.

    Incredibly beautiful :)


    • Hello Blogger Maruf,

      Thanks for made your first comment on my blog. And Really appreciate with you.. Do Blogging smart way and live a freedom life

      Happy Blogging !

  5. Hello Tonmoy,

    This is nice! Great article and the topic!

    I can tell anyone that blogging can be done in two formats, exactly like two and not like a middle one.

    1- You can make your own business out of blogging.
    2- You can work as an employee to do blogging.

    First part is the straight point. You have to have your business build up through blogging like selling any services, affiliation, etc.

    Second part is as blogging is becoming the normal ingredient to keep the companies’ fan bases informed of their activities, their expertise, etc. their employees are busy filling up the blogs OR the outsourcing of blogging needs so a hired or series of hired bloggers could help them up. Also, various types of jobs are constantly being posted up on freelancing websites.

    So, a middle type of blogging is for fun where you don’t seek any outcome (in terms of paper money or etc.), so this is like just using up their time and nothing else. And that’s the one I don’t want anyone to do. You can’t get anywhere until you don’t have any goals.

    Do it but professionally!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hello Addel Bro,

      Thanks for made your comment. And Yes I agree with your points. I have setup my goals and working on this :) You know that I choose blogging is my career :) So, i like to do Blogging Professionally and Full Time !

      Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End

  6. By writing blog you can know incident properly around the world ,not only you get helpful income source but also you can help others . Good job bro!!!! D

  7. Hello
    Thanks for your this great article. I was just checking your Facebook Page and got your this article. Really Good one indeed. By reading your this article just learn the points to many thing for my blog. I am going to open my new brand blog. I will lunch soon. I will follow your these tips for my brand blog.

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End

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