8 Visual Strategies To Increase Fb Page Management


Facebook is considered to be simple as you daily publish posts and many people like and share them. But it’s not a walk in the park for every business owner who has an FB page. Most people tend to quit and stop updating their pages after seeing low traffic and audience on their pages.

As the guys behind facebook are keen in updating their algorithms, it’s quite difficult for any facebook page owner to expect same page reach as it used to be before updates.

What makes any facebook advertiser scary is that facebook timeline is controlled by the user him/herself. If they don’t want to see any specific type of content they won’t even eye on it.

In this article I’m going to cover some awesome strategies which will give you hope. I assure you that you won’t quit updating your pages after reading this post. :)

Here We Go: 8 Visual Strategies To Increase Fb Page Management

8 Visual strategies to increase Fb page management

8 Visual strategies to increase Fb page management

1-Engage yourself with your fans

Engaging yourself with your facebook page fans is like asking thought provoking questions as they will be compelled to answer them.

In this way people will give attention to your post and your page reach and your fans too will be increased.

Example:- I bet you can’t make money from your blogs ;), agree?

Questions, depend upon the type of your page.



We all know what’s the importance of time in our lives. Every minute and every second is important for us and the same goes for facebook fan page posting.Imagine, you posted a content at 4 Pm and went viral but the same content you posted at 8Am and it got low reach.

Why this happened? Because at 8 Am majority of people were preparing for office,schools etc…

But at 4 pm majority of people was free from their work….

You can use bufferapp or hootsuite for this purpose.



A picture conveys many words if you listen to it.Really!!

Photos are great way to increase your facebook fan page engagement and page reach.

Just post some pics at right time and ask your fans to choose their favorite and share it.

I’m sure it will have a good effect on your facebook page reach.


4- Trending content

Always share some trending and hot contents frequently on your page. When you post interesting content on your page, people will be inclined to share it. Isn’t that good? :p


5-Facebook contest

Organize facebook contests at specific occasion. It will not only increase your facebook fan page reach but also increase excitement among your visitors to be on your page again and again if they win.


6-Flocks help

Rather than answering questions yourself take help from your page fans to help others.

Post the questions of people and ask your fans to help them by answering. In this way you will not help the asker but will also find and increase your fan page engagement.


7- Action and Reaction

I think you have studied this in physics do some action and you will get reaction of it.

Same goes for facebook pages. Ask your visitors ”Like this If you” and you will see alot of change in your reach.

Example: Like this pic If you want to spend your holidays at ……….


8-Frequency of posting

It’s not the quantity of posts matters but it’s the quality of posts that matters.

According to a recent research, the pages which posted quality contents one or two times a day received 40 percent more engagement than those pages which used to post 4 to 5 times a day.


9-Facebook Ads

I think you don’t want to hear about this because it’s paid. Am i right? :)

Facebook Ads are a great way to get an increase in your page reach if you properly use them at low budget.




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