5 Things To Avoid When Doing Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a popular way of earning money online these days not only among internet marketers but in bloggers too from all over the word especially USA ones. We can also say that it is most popular among bloggers now.

Affiliate marketing is considered an easy way of earning money but only to those who know well how to sell well. Isn’t it?


If you also want to earn money online from affiliate marketing or thinking to do this in near future then you have come at right place buddy. In this article, I’ll tell you some mistakes which you should avoid to increase your sales for getting sales or for ranking your landing page. I’ll also write a detailed guide about this topic in near future.


Below is a short list of things which you should avoid.

5 things to avoid when doing affiliate marketing

5 things to avoid when doing affiliate marketing

This or That product

The biggest mistake done by newbie bloggers is that they want to earn money as soon as possible but they forget one thing that hard work and good strategies only pay you. They start promoting the same product everyone else promoting without checking the current competition. You need to check the competition before promoting the same product everyone else promoting.

Too much many affiliate programs

Joining an affiliate programme is easy but more difficult to get sales from the products.You are tempted to earn money so you join many affiliate programs at a same time and start promoting products. Promoting all products at a same time will make you lose your concentration at one product. Because of this the full potential of the product’s programme is not realized.

Instead of this always choose that product which pays you pretty commission and when you are well at promoting the product and getting good sales then you can move to next product.

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New affiliate marketer

As a new affiliate marketer you don’t know well about the right product. You don’t know the pros and cons of the product and right way of promoting it.

For this I’ll recommend you to try a product before signing up for the affiliate programme.This will enable you to convey your buyers t the pros and cons of the products in real means. Always speak truth to your audience about the product if you want good sales. Otherwise you will be scamming people and that’s not good.


Copied Content

Are  you really serious about getting sales and earning money?If yes then don’t ever try to copy others content and post on your blog. Why?

Google will find copied content and you may face some serious problems like getting your website deindex.

Copied or spin content doesn’t have value of your own words which you should convey to our audience in real means.

When your visitor or I can say the person who will purchase product from your landing page will see the same content, he will give a negative response to your websites.

You have to generate sales and money from them. So be specific.


Buying Links from websites like Fiverr

For God’s sake don’t do this If yu are not sure about which type of links you are going to get.If its like you are buying 10,000 backlinks then I’m damn sure your website will not rank good and you may face problems. Instead of buying low-quality backlinks go for those who have some decent DA and PA. Instead, you can also go for PBN network 😉 If you know someone or you can manage it well. I’l write long detailed guides about them soon.

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 Stay tuned with me for more interesting articles.


Take All points seriously. Earning from Affiliate marketing is only easy for those who follow above points plus their strategies hidden ones. You will find your too soon! :)




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