15 Things To Avoid Doing SEO


Who is reading this article is not aware of word ‘Seo’ that’s not possible. Am I right?

”Practice makes a man perfect” and same goes for SEO but sometimes you will find yourself into a big trouble if u don’t know which things you should do or avoid when doing SEO of your long term blog.

There are many things in SEO which are considered like SEO consists of two main parts known as Off-page optimization and On page optimization.

In this article, I’m going to cover some SEO practice you shouldn’t do or do with care.

So here we go as I’ll be discussing about them one by one.

15 things to avoid doing SEO

15 things to avoid doing SEO

1-Keyword stuffing or Keyword stacking

This technique was used to be good before Google’s strict updates like Google panda but now you shouldn’t do this. Keyword stuffing not only makes your posts spammy but also makes your blog to lose its ranking in eyes of Google and your audience. People who will read your blog articles will never come again because of such spamming in your blog posts as it irritates a lot.

Example:- Beautiful pictures  Beautiful pictures Beautiful pictures

2-Irrelevant Guest posting

Guest posts are a good way to get a dofollow backlink plus same niche audience to our blog. Its a good way to build reputation of your blog. But what happens if you do a guest post at a casino blog but your niche is of seo. Google will take a strict action against this getting irrelevant links to your blog will hurt your rankings.


Presenting search engines and your visitors different types of content is called as cloaking . Tricking your blog visitors from search engines, experiencing a page having content they didn’t search or for that open your website.

Example: Visitors come to your blog for seo related content and they found porn content there.

4-Redirecting Pages

The stuffed keywords to receive high rankings and these pages redirect your visitors to other pages automatically.This will make your visitors anger as they will be redirected to other pages and will leave your blog at once.

5- SERP Spam

Word hard on your blog’s page,do everything to get it ranked and indexed fast in search engine and then completely update the entire content of the page.

Example:- An article written about serp ranking is updated with news related to the media responses.

6-Low quality articles

If you are really concerned about ranking of your website then never buy or write low quality articles.Articles must be unique and of keywords 500+.

If you are not a good writer then hire someone who can write for you.

Give importance to the quality of articles instead quantity.

7-Spin content

You find someone’s article good and eye-catching and what you do is use the spinner software, spin the article and post that article on your blog. Never do this as Google can easily find your content as spanned plus your visitors will be irritated when they will read spinner article.

8-Link exchange

Are you  really in 2015? do u really think link exchange is good?

yeah it is good if u do it with care but If u do like this” Ask your friend to post an article on your blog and in return you also do a guest post on his blog and both exchange a dofollow backlink. For God’s sake don’t do this.

9-Comment spam

You use some kind of script or tool or yourself posts irrelevant comments on other people blogs to increase inbound links.

Example: Great post 3v7

10-Pinging Spam

You write a new article on your blog and want it to get indexed as fast as possible. For, that you ping your new content several times per minute. It’s really bad and you shouldn’t do so.

Instead of this fetch your content manually with Google webmaster tool.

11-Links Farming

You create a lot of links from other websites having low content or irritated content to improve your SERP rankings. You shouldn’t do this I swear otherwise it will hurt your blog ranking a lot in near future and hurt you too! 😛

12-Spamming cookie

You spam your visitors stealthily and place affiliate cookies in their computers.Don’t do this instead encourage your blog visitors to buy products from your affiliate links to support your blog.

13-Social networking spam

You spam your blog everywhere in groups and pages to get traffic with a false statement.The reason behind this is that people will report your link and in near future you might have to face some problems regarding sharing your articles.

Example:- Open following.com website and see pictures or anything else you better know what I mean.

14- Misspelled URL’S

You buy misspelled version of some popular domains and mislead visitors in an attempt of getting traffic.

Example:- Indiatimes.com  &  Indiatimes.co

15- Website name Squatting

You purchase a domain containing registered trademark of some popular domain. It is against the TOS of Google.

Example:- Microsoftsoftware.com


Take all points mentioned above seriously If you are really concerned about earning from your long term blog and don’t want to face problems in near future like any new Google update! :)



  1. Justin Philip on

    Hey Tonmoy,

    Congrats for your new blog , and im glad to be here to your first blog post.

    Coming to your post, you well mentioned all black-hat ways of seo, and few I yet not heard off. Actually to say, you gave few more techniques to underground SEO mainly those use for event blogs (me too)….LOL. 😀
    For a long term or any blog, those activities are quick enough to get caught by google web spam team, resulting in getting penalized or reduce rankings.

    Great start, and good Luck ahead !!

    • Hello Justin, First thanks to you for made the first comment on my Blog :) Yeah, you’re right. These methods are really helpful for Event blogging. 😀 But as well I write this post only for Long term blog, So you know these methods are really bad ..Even by these methods, Google start deindexing the pages of the webmasters who are doing these methods! But when we come to the Event Blogging point, If you that we are going to use this Website/Blog only for 10-30 Days ..And Google takes time to penalized blogs/websites within 60 Days 😀 By The way, I will post some killer articles about Event Blogging after doing experiment !

  2. Hi Tonmoy,
    Congrats on your first blog. The design is excellent.
    Coming to the post, keyword stuffing was pretty much an SEO benefit in the good old 90s not now. I liked everything you have stated here. The website name squatting is a serious danger as it leads to copyright issues. I have seen many friends sued by the companies like sony for having blog names like xperiauserguide .com etc :)

    • Hello Swadhin Bro,

      Thanks for made the 2nd Comment on my blog :) I am glad to hear that you liked my blog design! Yes, You’re right. Keyword stuffing was really working good but now it’s almost dead . About the 15 Number point’s as well (Website name Squatting) is really a bit matter. Honestly i Lost one of my domain for this trademark issue. I was also thinking the same as your friends but after then i understood that i was going wrong and that’s why i shared my experience here :)

  3. Hello Tonmoy,

    Much congratulations, brother! So great to see the blog! :)

    And I so very agree with what you said in the post. Google is kinda smart now and can track the mentioned techniques too easily. It is hard to dodge Google now, right? :)

    I don’t think anyone would consider to adapt one or all of the mentioned techniques for their blog. I meant they are the obvious bad apples anyone would want to take a bite of.

    Definitely refrain doing this if you want to stay in the world of internet!

    Once again, congrats on the blog! :)

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hello Adeel Brother,

      Thanks for your visit my blog for first time and made the 3th Comment :) Yeah , You’re right.. “Google is kinda smart now and can track the mentions techniques too easily” Go to 2011 with these methods, People were doing SEO with these methods and They were really getting good results. Even i know few people personally who were following these methods and getting results they targeted. And Now Come back in 2015, these methods are the worst . But People still now doing Black Hat SEO for their short term blog and Honestly these methods are still now working for Black hat methods :)

      BTW, Again Thanks for the wish and Hope, you will love to visit my blog as well I’m thinking to update my blog daily :)

  4. Congratulations Tonmoy for getting new domain.

    An article of great help for the black hat SEO scenario these days, we are in the period where the penalty is always lurking, thanks Tonmoy for your important and fast help.

    • Hello Saurabh,
      Thanks for the wish! Yes new-a-days Google is really updating her algorithm much and that’s why People who was doing Black Hat SEO now can not do the same properly. But Still now People are doing Black Hat SEO for their short time work like Event Blogging and these methods for event blogging still work. But For long term blog if anyone follow these methods, People will get penalty this is sure :)

  5. Congrats Bro finally you have published your first post on your blog.
    By the way all point is very well explained…
    Thanks for Sharing such type of Article.
    Amit Kumar

  6. Hi Tonmoy Parves ,

    Congratulations on this great blog and post, i am indeed happy for you, NOW, work begins.

    Your 15 points are awesome, i enjoyed reading through them.

    • Hello Emebu,

      Thanks for the wish. And Good to see that you enjoyed my first article. Hope, you will avoid these methods for your long term blog.

      Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End !

  7. Hi Tonmoy

    Congratulations on your blog. You discussed a cool topic. I love this topic and you are right about things to avoid in SEO

    It is great to follow white SEO tricks. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more of your amazing post.

    • Hello Ikechi Bro,

      Thanks for the wish . And it’s good to see that you really liked my topic and the first Article on my Blog. Hope, you will visit my blog regularly :)

  8. Congrats for the blog launch, Tonmoy!

    Good start with a nice post!

    Note: “Spinned” doesn’t seem to be any word, rather use “Spun” which is the past participle of “Spin”.

    Enjoy blogging!

    Good luck@

    • Hello Atish Brother,

      Thanks for the wish. And Many Thanks for read my article carefully. I have edited that word. Again, Thanks for read my first article on my blog :) Hope, you will visit my blog regularly

  9. hello Tonmoy :)
    First heartily congratulations For Your new Blog :) and the post you have Written above is really impressive and every point is genuine :) Even I was unaware of these mistakes before reading this Article :)

  10. Hello Jaidayal,

    Thanks for made comment on my first article. Really good to see that you learn few points by reading my First article on my Blog. Hope, you will visit my blog regularly.

    One Suggestion for you, Use your Picture on gr-avatar. Otherwise, Webmasters will not accept your comment on their blogs :)

  11. Hey Tonmoy,

    Thanks for the advise. I surprised by some of the things you wrote. I really did not know people would go out of their way to sabotage rival blogs. Seriously that happens. Anyway thanks for a great post. Some good ideas in there. How disappointing to think that people think their work is not go enough to shine so you have to do all this other stuff. I just never thought of it like that. I have not done a guest post yet, but I look forward to doing one. And I just started adding links to my posts. I have only had Yoast SEO for the last couple of weeks and was delighted last week that I got a green light and met all the criteria. But I think I write quality content, and don’t think about quantity. Misspelled URL’s man – are people really up to that sort of thing. I learnt a bit from this today. Cheers.

  12. Nice Tips Buddy.

    Hey I’m Naman Kumar, blogger at Blogging Easier with a background in technology, programming and writing. This is a great post. Keep in touch. You can drop me a line at naman@outlook.in or simply catch me on my blog.

    Happy Blogging!

  13. Hi Tonmoy,

    Truly useful tips on SEO. You make me alert on Social Meida sharing. I never use any irrelevant work to attract traffic. But groups are most of the time are not relevant. So how Google will treat our links?

    • Hello Mobashhir,

      Its good to see you on my blog. About Groups posting, If you can target the relevant and close and active groups you will get really good results and good amount of traffics. Honestly if you are doing not relevant Facebook Group posting then you are just wasting your time. And i don’t think Google will care about this. But Facebook can block your website for ever and you will not able to share your Website link on Facebook in future !

      About Facebook Group posting following these methods but it will take few time but you will get continue good results

      #First find out the 20 Close groups with your relevant niches
      #Join with the groups and do discuss more and more as possible
      #Share one or two tricks without any links
      #Connect with the Groups Admins

      After doing this, you can share your blog articles links and you will get a huge amount of traffics :) And i am generating around 500-800 Traffics from Facebook daily 😀 And it takes only 10 min to do share my articles there ! But before that you have to spend 5-10 days to connect with other guys of the groups. Hope, these makes a sense to you ..

      Happy Blogging. Have a Good Day !

  14. Hello Tonmoy,
    Yes, definitely keyword stuffing is a bad practice i see many newbie blogger do that. SEO is not a one night job. Here we need to follow only ethical method for better results ant it last long time.

    Anyway, very useful article you shared with us. Keep it up.
    Happy blogging.

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